Whose Personality is Behind Your Social Media Presence?


If you are your online brand and your online brand is you, then are people surprised when they meet you in person? Are you what they expect to see, or are they wondering how you and your brand are even related?

All too often, many businesses try to be something online that they aren’t in real life. They try to be “cool” and use all the current lingo, or they try to be overly sophisticated. They try to be spunky and outgoing, or they try to be reserved and professional.

Either way, too many brands try to be something they’re not. If they think their audience wants someone young and trendy, then this is how they design their posts and content. But if your brand isn’t young and trendy, it looks disingenuous. And if, at some point, you are able to convert these fans into leads, more often than not, they’re shocked when they actually find out the company is nothing like they observed online. And when this happens, those leads often fail to convert to sales.

One of the downsides of social media, is that it’s often a lot like high school. Everyone is trying to “fit in” with the right crowd. Wearing the right clothes, going to the right parties, hanging out with the right people. Pretending to be someone you’re not so that the star student will notice you.

But your business isn’t a high school clique. It’s a business – with real customers spending real money.

So stop trying to be something you’re not. Stop trying to get everyone to like you. Be you. Be your brand. Be true to what you have to offer and you will find that even more fans will convert to paying, loyal customers.