Apple’s Odd, Yet Effective, Social Media Strategy

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Why isn’t @Apple the voice of the company on Twitter?

This is a question that rears its head every few months. And it’s a valid question at that.

Let’s not forget or belittle the fact that the company boasts highly followed accounts for Beats, iTunes, AppStore, et al. Even Tim Cook Tweets from his personal account. Let’s also remember that Twitter is an information network unlike Facebook, which is more of a social network.”

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Is digital experience management the new social business? – ZD Net

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In the visual above, I’ve mapped out both digital experience and social business to a reasonable level of completeness on top of the engagement cycle (engage, then understand, analyze, plan, strategize, respond.) Using a blended box when social business and digital experience both have a lot to say about a topic, we can see there is considerable overlap, even though social business today speaks a lot more to the full stakeholder spectrum that most digital experience frameworks do currently.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Experience – CMS Wire

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Few things are more unsettling than falling asleep at a party and waking to discover you’re all alone.

Where did everyone go? Have I been left behind? 

Now extrapolate the issue to business and consider a practical but profound reality:

If you’ve cobbled together your company’s digital experience (DX) from content management practices and technologies that were established 20 years ago, it’s time to wake up.


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