Social recruiting and employer branding

10 reasons to engage…see the infographic

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About William Wallace

William is a Customer Experience and Social Media Specialist, Connected Consumer Analyst, Programme Manager, and Start-up Social Media Advisor. He is also the founder of 'The Social Media Professional'. He is currently researching the impact of Social Media Intelligence on Customer Experience Management, as it relates to market share, reflecting the effects on Business, Marketing, Branding, Next Generation Consumerism, and the evolved meaning of ‘workplace readiness’ and the future of ‘Business As Usual’ as part of his doctoral studies. In addition, he actively networks and collaborates with international Telcos on C-level positions, advising them on social media strategies, and 2nd and 3rd generation customer experience strategies as well as social brand strategies, building online communities and brand ambassadors for some of the top brands. His experience extends from Social Media Strategist, Customer Experience Management strategies into the IT industry, and the Next Generation ICT, with a proven track record of programme managing strategic transformation and turnaround programmes. In his current capacity, he is co-programme managing 17 Strategic Retail Transformation projects for a leading Telco in South Africa, with the objective to stabilise the current trend on fixed-line revenue decline, and increase the overall market share. Infant-level Customer Experience implementation (NPS) constitutes one of the main components of this programme. Besides being a Mendeley Advisor, William currently holds membership to the following selective membership groups: 1. Customer Experience Management Professionals 2. International Customer Experience Management Group 3. Business Intelligence Professionals 4. Business Intelligence and Analytics Professionals 5. Social Media and Community Strategists 6. Telecom Executives Business Network
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