Without Personal Branding your Career is dead

Like any business, you need to get your brand out there in the world, communities and job market. Brand sells…you need it!

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About William (WAC) Wallace

I am an extremely passionate, positive, innovative and motivated. I have 29 years of business experience in both wholesale, retail and NPOs. I have a primary focus on business leadership and management, with special focus on the customer and the experience that the customer has, or at least to give that customer a blank canvas to paint what that experience needs to be, in enabling me to better manage that accordingly. I manage a large social graph of professionals globally, sharing content and ideas through collaboration on a professional level in all industries. As a professional and an analyst, I maintain a deep understanding of business, data analytics, strategies, metrics and the behaviours driving each component of the customer experience. From a marketing perspective, I studied the impact of the next generation consumer on the future, and bottom-line of business. Besides being a member of the CMO Council, as a board member of an NPO, I add value in my marketing capacity, spearheading marketing transformation through social and multi-channel adoption. In addition, I have a strong next generation ICT background, and proven experience of leading strategic transformation programs in a network, wholesale and retail environment. Additionally, I am privileged to mentor various individuals at all levels, including c-levels, in different organisations on consumer behaviour, customer experience, social media strategies, strategic transformation, programme and project management, as well as business management and strategy. My life goal is to do what I love, and love what I do. And this means to keep moving, to stay "hungry" and to continuously find ways to grow - both as human being and professional. Note: Due to the sensitive company strategies I was working on, I was under a 3-year fixed-term retention contract and restraint of trade, which lapses in May 2015, and will then be available for Senior Executive and Director positions thereafter.
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